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vanitas  I  humilitas



Vanitas-Humilitas # 2, objet d'art. Found object (painted wood and textile), slate earth. Dim.: 72 x 41.5 x 6.5 cm. The Pyrenees, 2023.

"Today I found a gilted fan display case in a bric-à-brac shop. From the recesses of my memory: an image of a village house. This object could only be Spanish (French, maybe). 

My first thought-image after that was: fill it with earth, or with pollen or pine needles! 

The golden frame, the golden age, the society fan...

The empty display box. A spectre of the human - nowhere to be seen. A silence, an absence, a void. Next to the immensity of the earth - the mountain

How gold invites a foregrounding of the humble – think of Fra Angelico

It's the gold that lets the bare be seen - that makes manifest the naked, exposed, fragile

The convention of framing - a containment

Enquire into the relation between matter and the image

To permeate each other

Ever so ancient and ever so contemporary - Cy Twombly

To undo, to let be, to let the deep time of geology speak"

(Notes, 10.06.22)

Work in progress.

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