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Isabel Rocamora in “Attunement”, urban performance intervention. Part of A Space in Place, Colchester Arts Centre. Image by Muff Architecture-Art, 2001.

Between 1994 and 2004, Isabel Rocamora developed an extensive performance practice in what she called anti-gravity and in body and new media practices: 

1994 - 2000   With performance company Momentary Fusion, in collaboration with co-founder and co-artistic director Sophy Griffiths

2000 - 2004   As independent artist

Commissioned by institutions such as: The Victoria and Albert Museum London; Arts Catalyst; Mayor of London and Greenwich Festivals; Architects Association London; Future Physical; Bluecoat Liverpool; Mediafest Györ, Hungary; Signals Media; Grec Festival Barcelona; Arts Council England; Retroscreen Virology (Queen Mary University London); Italian, Belgian, Austrian Ministries of Culture.


Performed at venues and sites including: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Tate Britain; Tate Modern; The Round House; Trafalgar Square; Casa Misericordiosa, Barcelona; Schrattenberg, Austria, and extensively in medium and large-scale theatres in the UK and worldwide, with the support of the British Council.


This archive is being remastered.

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