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(out of competition)

"Complex and beautiful... Revelatory"

Giles Sutherland, The Times, UK (****)

A uniquely profound and moving comment on timely aspects of the human condition... Mesmerizing

Fran Schechter, Now Magazine, Toronto



Faith is one of those works of art that seem so obvious that you can’t believe someone hasn’t already 
done it, but Rocamora manages to own the concept...  a chorus of comparisons and differences 
that helps counterbalance the divisive imagery of the Middle East that is too commonplace and leads 
to further reflection on our sense of self in the world

Terence Dick, Akimbo, Toronto

In triptych form, Faith presents a close observation of the morning prayers of an Orthodox Jew (Michael Cohen, Breslav tradition), a Greek Orthodox Christian (Father Issa Taljieh, Church of Nativity) and a Sunni Muslim (Feras Kazaz, Koran reader at Al Aqsa Mosque). Removed from the contested zones that today make up Jerusalem, the subjects are relocated to sites of the Judean

desert resonant with each of their traditions: the Qumran Canyon (site of the discovery of the Jewish Dead Sea scrolls), Wadi Qelt (setting of early Christian retreat caves) and Nebi Musa (pilgrimage route to Mecca).

My intention is that, over time, the contiguity of the three subjects may invite a witnessing

of fundamental difference that is grounded in the equal value of individual life, calling for reflection on one of the most tragic, world resonating conflicts that persist in this new century.

Installation views of Faith at the Koffler Gallery Toronto. Documentation by Toni Hafkenscheid and Isabel Rocamora. © 2015

An artist essay on the making of Faith and Body of War is published in Cinematic Intermediality, Eds. Marion Schmid and Kim Knowles, Edinburgh University Press, 2021.

Written and directed by: Isabel Rocamora • Featuring: Michael Cohen, Father Issa Taljieh, Feras Kazaz • Cinematography: Laurent Machuel, ASC • Film editor and sound design: Isabel Rocamora • Sound recordist: Ashi Milo • Sound mix: Brian Moseley • Key grip: Liad Berger • Palestinian assistant to the director: Ahmad Siam • Israeli assistant to the director: Shira Kela • Production assistants Scotland: Robin Haig, Alexia Fernández • Shoot producer: Vered Saminshass for the Isabel Rocamora Studio • Produced by: Isabel Rocamora • Funded by: Creative Scotland, Screen Barcelona • Co-Produced by: Galila Art Collection Brussels and the Koffler Gallery Toronto (with the generous support of Chad and Lisa Wolfond). Year of production: 2015.

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