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06.07 - 29.10

Museu dels Sants, Olot, Spain Group show. Curated by Natàlia Chocarro, Fundació Vila Casas. Artists: Chema Madoz, Santos Montes, Mapi Rivera, Isabel Rocamora. The etymological origin of sin is quite revealing: the Latin word ‘pecco’ (to stumble, to make a mistake) from which the word ‘peccatum’ (crime, offence or guilty action) derives. Nevertheless, in the context of the current curatorial proposal dedicated to wrath – the second instalment in a set of seven in which we create a dialogue between the collections from the Museu dels Sants and Fundació Vila Casas –, we become aware of the permanence of this term, because the transgressions that arise from anger are among the most reckless. Wrath takes the form of intolerance, hatred, discrimination or violence in order to conquer its main goal: justice. In accordance with our desire to seek a path through the many varied physiognomies of wrath, we have created an itinerary in the exhibition on the basis of connections between the works from each collection that are established by affinity of difference.






06.09 - 07.06

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia Group show. Curated by the museum in collaboration with Galeria SENDA. Artists: Glenda León, Anna Malagrida, Adrián Balseca, Miguel Angel Ríos, Isabel Rocamora, Teresa Serrano, Miralda.

19.09 - 30.12

Vila Casas Foundation, Barcelona, Spain Group show. Curated by Natalia Chocarro. Participating artists: Pep Agut, Jordi Bernadó, Bleda y Rosa, Toni Catany, Joachim Chancho, Soledad Córdoba, June Crespo, Patricia Dauder, Xavier Escribà, Jordi Fulla, Gabriel, Christian Garcia Bello, Marc Guerrero, Xavier Grau, Ruben Grilo, Lluis Lleó, Ana Malagrida, Mireia Masó, Jo Milne, Alvaro Sánchez Montañés, Ruth Morán, Mabel Palacín, Joan Ponç, Stella Rahola, Susana Solano, Vicenç Viaplana, Anna Talens, Pamen Pereira, Gonzalo Elvira, Manuel Eiris, Miquel Mont, Isabel Rocamora, Eulàlia Valldosera, Ignacio Uriarte.

01.09 - 11.11

Shaw Gallery, Weber State University, Utah, US Solo show. Curated by Lydia Gravis.

01.05.16 - 01.03.17

The Kaviar Factory, Lofoten, Norway Group show. Curated by Rolf Hoff. Participating artists: Marina Abramovic, Julieta Aranda, Rina Banerjee, Katherine Bernahrdt, Lina Bertucci, Elina Brotherus, Veronica Brovall, Nicola Constantino, Anne-Lise Coste, Angela de la Cruz, Angelica Dass, Abigail DeVille, Nicole Eisenman, Ida Ekbalad, Ceal Floyer, Diana Fonseca, Margi Geerlinks, Tiril Hasselknipp, Roni Horn, Marguerite Humeau, Sigalit Landau, Ulla Jokisalo, Sejla Kameric, Katayoun Karami, Adriana Lara, Haruko Maeda, Trine Lise Nedreaas, Marianela Orozco, Hedda grevle Ottesen, Marina Pinsky, Agnieszka Polska, Heli Rekula, Isabel Rocamora, Cindy Sherman, Tamuna Sirbiladze, Charlotte Thiis-Evensen, Sophie Tottie, Jessica Warboys, Camila Waerenskjold.

26.05 - 13.07

Summerhall Galleries, Edinburgh, UK Solo show. Curated by Holly Knox. Private View: 25.05.16

25.05 - 10.06

Museu Història de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain Group show. Curated by Imma Prieto. Artists: Núria Gûell, Avelino Sala, Isabel Rocamora, Jorge García, Patricio Palomeque, PSJM, Daniela Ortíz, Joaquín Segura, Iván Candeo, Tomás Ochoa, Eugenio Ampudia, Andrea Mármol. Opening: 25.05.16.

16.02 - 05.06


Museo Patio Herreriano de Valladolid, Spain Group show. [4 x 5 Coleccionistas, creadoras y narrativas audiovisuales]. Curated by Margarita Aizpuru. Collectors: Juana de Aizpuru, Sisita Soldevila, Alicia Aza, Teresa Sapey. Participating artists: Pilar Albarracín, Cristina Lucas, Ana Laura Aláez, Oriscilla Monge, Dora García, Isabel Rocamora, Maya Watanabe, Mabel Palacín, Angie Bonino, Cristina Benz, Sophie Whettnall, Elke Boom, Kate Gilmore, Paula Usuga, Amparo Sard, A.K Dolven, Zilla Leutenegger, Mary Sue, Ruth Gémez, Marina Abramovic.

01.10.15 - 31.03.16

MUNTREF Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina Group show. Museo de la Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. Curated by: Diana Wechsler. Participating artists: Thomas Mailandes, Angelika Markul, Erik Baudelaire, Hugo Aveta, Francys Alys, Natacha Nisica, Claudia Casarino, Rosangela Renno, Harun Faroki, Regina Jose GaLindo, Zineb Sedira, Fouad ELkhoury, Leila Alloui, Barthelemy Togou, GLusun Karamustafa, Isabel Rocamora. Migrantes, en el Arte Contemporáneo es una exposición que busca zondear la experiencia vital contemporánea desde el concepto de "migrar". En este sentido, la exposición reunirá obras de artistas contemporáneos de distintos orígenes que atraviesan con sus trabajos problemas como migraciones, exilios, identidad, itinerancia, pertenencia, ligados específicamente a la cuestión de las migraciones así como también busca reflexionar sobre las condiciones del arte contemporáneo desde este concepto móvil de migración. En este caso, de ideas, medios, soportes, prácticas, representaciones socio-culturales, etc. Así, migrantes en el arte contemporáneo es una muestra que busca poner en escena uno de los temas problemas de nuestro mundo así como también pretende indagar las condiciones del arte contemporáneo desde este concepto dinámico y complejo, con la certeza de que su exploración abrirá nuevas fronteras para hacer del espacio del arte un nuevo espacio de pensamiento sobre nuestras experiencias vitales. (translation forthcoming)

10.03.15 - 03.04.16



Musée de la Civilisation, Quebec, Canada Group show. [Rebel Bodies]. Curated by: Herman Vachon.

17.09 - 29.11

The Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Canada Solo show. Curated by Curated by: Mona Filip.

06.05 - 31.06

Palazzo Ca 'Tron, Venice Biennale, Italy Group show. Curated by: Imma Prieto. Artists: Núria Gûell, Avelino Sala, Isabel Rocamora, Jorge García, Patricio Palomeque, PSJM, Daniela Ortíz, Joaquín Segura, Iván Candeo, Tomás Ochoa, Eugenio Ampudia, Andrea Mármol.

04.06 - 06.06

Galeria SENDA at Loop Videoart Fair, Barcelona, Spain Solo show. Industry premiere. Curated by: Carlos Durán.

15.05 - 16.06

Mardin Biennali, Mardin, Turkey Group show. Curated by: Claudia Segura Campins. This Biennial vehemently opposes the reduction of the local cultural milieu to an exhibition décor and the identification of the locals with an exhibition forced on them, in other words, to the branding of Mardin by an autocratic curator who imposes a certain view upon the city, its memory and its history. Instead, the proposal is to conceive the Biennial as a Mardin carnival, therefore evoking such concepts as game, chance, spontaneity, serendipidy, intimacy and collectivity as means for political resistance. Artists: Ahmet Elhan / Aikaterini Gegisian / Akram Zaatari / Alban Muja / Ani Setyan / Antonio Cosentino / Aysel Alver / Babak Kazami / Barcelona Loop Festival / Braco Dimitriyevich / Canan Budak / Claire Hooper / David Blandy / Deniz Aktaş / Dilan Bozyel / Dilara Akay / Eda Gecikmez / Elena Bajo / Elio Montanari / Evrim Kavcar / Fani Zguro / Fırat Engin / Gabi / Hakan Kırdar / Işıl Eğrikavuk / İbrahim Ayhan / İman İssa / İratxe Jaio and Klaas / İsabel Rocamora / Juan Del Gado / Khaled Hafez / Krassimir Terziev / Lena Von Lapschina / Mehtap Baydu / Melih Apa / Metin Ezilmez / Miguel Garcia / Mike Berg / Murat Akagündüz / Murat Germen / Mürüvvet Türkyılmaz / Nadi Güler / Necla Rüzgar / Nezir Akkul / Nooshin Farhid / Olivier Kosta-Théfaine / Oriol Vilanova / Özlem Günyol-Mustafa Kunt / Pedro Torres / Romain Kronenberg-Benjamin Graindorge / Sait Tunç / Stuart Brisley / Şefik Özcan / Thierry Payet / Ursula Mayer / Veysi Boran / Yavuz Tanyeli / Yaygara.

04.10 - 05.10

The Armory, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto, Canada Group show. Curated by: Magda González-Mora. Participating artists: Antoni Muntadas, Gabriel Orozco, Isabel Rocamora, Sharif Waked.

09.09 - 29.11




Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona, US Curated by Kate Bonansinga and Kerry Doyle under advisement of Noah Simblist, Rijin Sahakian and Nada Shabout. Shifting Sands: Recent Video from the Middle East, features an international selection of artists who use film and video to explore the Middle Eastern desert as a site charged with meaning. The works included here directly and indirectly explore zones of recent conflict including Israel-Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. Participating artists: Lida Adbul (Afghanistan), Yael Bartana (Germany/ Israel), Isabel Rocamora (Spain/ U.K), Raeda Saadah (Palestine), Ahlam Shibli (Palestine), Akram Zaatari (Lebanon/ Brazil).

10.04 - 13.04

Silicon Valley Contemporary Art Fair, San José, California, US Curated by: Paul Young. Participating artists: Christopher Girardet & Matthias Muller, Antoni Miralda, Hans Op de Beeck, Heather Phillipson, Isabel Rocamora, Thomson & Craighead.

18.09.13 - 31.01.14

Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC, US Group show. An I for an Eye – communicating Identity and Conflict in Art and Media. Curated by: Andreas Stadler and Stamatina Gregory. Participating artists: Wafaa Bilal (USA), Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova (Germany & Czech Republic), GRAM (Austria), Ad van Denderen (The Netherlands), Tarzan and Arab (Gaza, Palestinian National Authority), Rabih Mroue (Lebanon), Isabel Rocamora (UK/ Spain), Gerhard Rhüm (Austria), Larissa Sansour (UK), Dread Scott (USA), Hito Steyerl (Germany), Sharif Waked (Israel), Christoph Weber (Austria), Anna Witt (Austria). In this age of seemingly permanent global warfare, the experience of violent conflict is continually restaged in visual culture. Fiction films, documentaries, mainstream journalism, and user-generated media serve all too often as the ideological, consensus-building theater of conflict. Furthermore, representations of violent conflict in the still so-called “West” are increasingly rendered through a humanist, individualized, and even banal perspective—the “everyday” elements of conflict are deployed to affective ends. Good and evil follow the well established tracks of self-identification and the construction of the “Other”. Seen most clearly through the intimate renderings of soldiers, agents, and politicians in films such as Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty (2012), the identificatory power of the personal overwhelmingly occludes the broader constructs of the political. The result is a complex, paradoxical process of attachment and detachment. While keeping the audience engaged with media consumption, it stays detached from the political process in the global arena of politics. Many contemporary artistic strategies, particularly those focused on subjectivity, have emerged at a moment in which the boundaries have collapsed between reportage and confessional; between politics and personal experience. The authority formerly attributed to the “eye” of the eyewitness account is more than ever intimately linked to the “I” of the viewer’s own process of identification. The artists in this exhibition foreground this complex politics of attachment, detachment, and affect in their counter-representations of conflict. Working in different regions and from within different contexts, they all share a particular focus on personal and distributed media, the cinematic, and the contemporary culture of spectacle. Ranging from the irreverent, deadpan, and parodic, to proposing historical counter-narratives or employing self-reflexive strategies of performance and appropriation, their strategies productively confront the perpetual emotion machine of contemporary visual culture.

29.03 - 28.07

Strozzina Centro di Cultura Contemporànea, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy Group Show. Curated by: Franziska Nori. Participating artists: Vanessa Beecroft, Chiara Camoni, Andreas Gefeller, Alicja Kwade, Jean-Luc Mylayne, Isabel Rocamora, Anri Sala and Wilhelm Sasnal. Do we still need beauty in our society? Is it still a value, a goal, a tool for contemporary artists? Rediscovering an idea of beauty today means reconsidering our usual modes of identifying it, adopting a different approach to reality. Visitors to the exhibition will be presented with works of art by eight international contemporary artists soliciting their physical and emotional participation. These paintings, installations, sculptures, photographs and videos highlight the subjectivity with which art is viewed, triggering individual responses and reactions. Some revisit such traditional artistic genres as landscape and the human figure while others reflect on the power of beauty in its relation with nature or in its social dimension, in the power to transpose our gaze on ourselves, the others and the world around us. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published in Italian and English by Mandragora.

18.04 - 25.05

Atomium Foundation, Brussels, Belgium Group show.

21.02 - 12.05

MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain Group Show. Curated by: Screen Barcelona. Participating artists: Qiu Anxiong, Luidgi Beltrame, Carlos Garaicoa, Douglas Gordon, Gary Hill, William Kentridge, Susan Kleimberg, Cristina Lucas, Gabriel Mascaró, Antoni Miralda, Uriel Orlow, Jean Michel Othoniell, Mabel Palacín, Isabel Rocamora, Benet Rossell i Antoni Miralda, Michael Snow, Eve Sussman, Peter Welz and Sandy White & Ivan Örkény. Moving Image Itineraries. From LOOP to SCREEN (2003-2013) is an artist film and video exhibition that embraces a decade of existence of the platform Screen Projects.   After launching LOOP (the first fair exclusively devoted to moving image art) and the SCREEN Festival, a reference event in the exhibition and discussion on moving image artistic practices which unfolds throughout the city of Barcelona and which has consolidated itself as the space to calibrate the state of audiovisual creation today.   LOOP was born in 2003, taking its name from one of the most characteristics strategies that video utilises when it breaks through as a medium, as a device and as a language in the 60s. Soon, what started as a tool additional to other practices evolved into becoming a category of art historiography as well as the art institution in itself, altering both of them equally. We are now situated under the conceptual umbrella of moving image, which embraces a porous and dynamic conception of audiovisual production, impossible to homogenize under one aesthetic or technical point of view. And this is how we get to the SCREEN, understood in this new horizon as the minimum support necessary alongside the presence of an audience to make cinema and video happen. This exhibition gathers a selection of pieces from the LOOP and SCREEN context that contribute to illustrate the diversity of practices and perspectives.

13.09 - 20.12

Stanley and Gerald Rubin Center for Visual Arts, University of Texas at El Paso, US Group Show. Curated by Kate Bonansinga and Kerry Doyle under advisement of Noah Simblist, Rijin Sahakian and Nada Shabout. Shifting Sands: Recent Video from the Middle East, features an international selection of artists who use film and video to explore the Middle Eastern desert as a site charged with meaning. The works included here directly and indirectly explore zones of recent conflict including Israel-Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. Participating artists: Lida Adbul (Afghanistan), Yael Bartana (Germany/ Israel), Isabel Rocamora (Spain/ U.K), Raeda Saadah (Palestine), Ahlam Shibli (Palestine), Akram Zaatari (Lebanon/ Brazil). Presented in conjunction with the Desert Inititative (DI) and the annual meeting of International Society of Electronic Arts (ISEA).

14.03 - 01.04

Videoformes Prix de la Création Vidéo 2012, Clermont-Ferrand, France Group Show. Curated by: Gabriel Souchèyre. Participating artists: Lida Abdul, Marc Blieux Mariana Carranza, Anne-Sophie Emard, Nelly Girardeau, Olga Kisseleva, Hee Won Lee, Pablo Lobato, Jose Lius Man, Catherine Nyeki, Christoph Oertli, Laurent Pernot, Reynold Reynolds, Isabel Rocamora, John Sanborn, Ran Slavin, Johanna Vaude

09.03 - 20.05

Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden Group show. Curated by: Paul Young and Estelle af Malmborg. Participating artists: Anna Baumgart / Antoine Roegiers / Antoni Muntadas / Bestuè & Vives / Clemens Krauss / Devis Venturelli / Eve Sussman, The Rufus Corporation / Fabien Giraud / Gary Hill / Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima / Guy Ben-Ner / Isabel Rocamora / Julian Rosefeldt / Juliao Sarmento / Julika Rudelius / Kelly Richardson /Maïder Fortuné / Maja Bajevic / Marco Brambilla / Mariana Vassileva / Marina Abramovic / Mehdi Meddaci / Nira Pereg / Pilar Albarracín / Regina José Galindo / Reynold Reynolds / Richard T. Walker / Wood & Harrison / Yang Fudong Supratemporal provides a particular view towards the panorama of the international video art departing from the two central events of Screen Projects: LOOP Fair and SCREEN Festival. It aims to show the current state of the most innovative works in the field of video art and to provide a broad and unique overview of the most representative ways of working in video. The works have been selected from different galleries and collections around the world, which have participated in the nine editions of the LOOP Fair and SCREEN Festival (2003-2012).

28.01 - 05.02

Museum of Modern Art of Bologna (MAMbo), Villa delle Rose, Italy Group Show. The Eye of the Collector. Video works from the Collection Manuel de Santarén. Curated by: Julia Draganovic and Claudia Löffelholz. Artists: Maria José Arjona, Niklas Goldbach, Jesse Aron Green, William Lamson, McCallum and Tarry, Hans Op de Beeck, Chrischa Venus Oswald, Luigi Presicce, Isabel Rocamora, Janaina Tschäpe. The show at MAMbo - Villa delle Rose in Bologna presents eleven video installations that are based on performances produced not for a live audience but for the eye of a camera. With the exception of McCallum and Tarry and Isabel Rocamora the camera's fixed position prevails, simulating the standpoint of a non-involved viewer who keeps a constant distance from the events. The body, its relation to its environment and the physical interaction with others are at the center of every video: from the tableaux vivant by Niklas Goldbach, William Lamson or Luigi Presicce, the performances by Maria José Arjona and Jesse Aron Green which refer to minimal and conceptual art, body art related pieces like "HAUTNA---T" by Chrischa Venus Oswald, videos related to  choreography like the ones by McCallum and Tarry, Janaina Tschäpe or Isabel Rocamora to the strange living sculptures in Hans Op de Beeck's "The Stewarts have a Party". Manuel de Santaren is a Boston and Washington DC based collector whose main focus is New Media/Video based works. His extensive collection comprises works which focus primarily on performance, appropriation of mass media imagery, and animation.  Mr. de Santaren is the Co-Chair of the Photography Committee of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York where he has championed the acquisition and inclusion of video works for the permanent collection. He is also on the Board of Overseers of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and an active participant in the Visiting Committee / Contemporary Art where he offers his knowledge and passion for time based works. Furthermore, he is member of the Executive Board of The Cisneros Fontanals Foundation based in Miami, Florida. The show will be accompanied by a publication with texts by Manuel de Santaren, Julia Draganović, Elena Forin, Claudia Löffelholz and Federica Patti.

21.01 - 01.05


Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel Group Show. Curated by: Ghila Limon. Artists: Dora Garcia, Angela de la Cruz, Mateo Maté, Carlos Bunga, Carlos Irijalba, Isabel Rocamora, Cristina Lucas, Gerardo Custance, Fran Meana.  The paintings, installations, video works and photographs created by these Spanish artists all share a concern with process of delimitation and with the creation of various types of borders. They probe the boundaries between nations, between accepted and unaccepted forms of behaviour, between manmade, artificial environments and nature, between different historical periods, and between art, philosophy and life. The selection of works included in this exhibition reflect an interest in the definition of national identity; in questions conerning language, culture, immigration, and political history; in the role of the military in daily life; and in the individual's contribution to the formation of popular social movements. These concerns, which are central to the experience of life in Spain, resonate resonate strongly in an Israeli context, and may be related to the unprecedented massive demonstrations that erupted recently in Tel Aviv, Madrid and many other places in the world. The artist's presence for the exhibition is supported by the British Israeli Arts Training Scheme (BI ARTS) – a British Council initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Sport in Israel.

29.11 - 04.12

Art Miami, Miami, US Group show. Curated by Julia Graganovic. Artists: Ai Wei Wei, María Teresa Hincapié, Lucia Nimcová, Isabel Rocamora, Miguel Angel Ríos and Suara Welitoff.

10.05 - 12.06

Galeria Senda and Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain Solo show including Body of War, Fear Defence Disapearance, Speed of Violence and a series of related works on paper. Curated by: Carlos Durán and Manuel Guerrero.

20.04 - 29.08



Artium Museum of Contemporary Art, Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain Group show. Curated by: Blanca de la Torre and Imma Prieto. Artists include: Egènia Balcells / María Cañas / Carles Congost / Mabel Palacín / Cova Macias / María Ruido / Antoni Muntadas / Esther Partegàs / Cristina Lucas / Núria Font / Dora García / La Ribot / Alicia Framis / Pilar Albarracín / Juan Pérez Agirrecoikoa / Daniel García Andújar / Jordi Colomer / Anna Malagrida / Isabel Rocamora. The exhibition title, VideoStories, highlights the plurality of gazes and narratives that are articulated within these groupings—two of which are organized according to formal concerns, while the other two fit within a theoretical framework. Aware of these potential pitfalls, our survey is structured along four different thematic groupings: Teknés, Hybrids, Politics, Subjects. The exhibition title, VideoStories, highlights the plurality of gazes and narratives that are articulated within these groupings—two of which are organized according to formal concerns, while the other two fit within a theoretical framework. These sections are not meant to be mutually exclusive, and each of the subgroups is in fact intimately related and complementary to the others, despite being, as viewers will see, legitimately autonomous and independent. With this in mind, the four exhibition sections have been structured according to a route that is marked on the floor. The resulting visual plan may remind many of the metro maps found in any contemporary city, with stops indicated for each of the works. This configuration also conjures up the idea of a trip, one that allows viewers the possibility of selecting various itineraries, as well as transfers to other lines, or a complete loop of the entire show.The viewer is also afforded the possibility of selecting a final destination, since these last video installation stops, titled Próxima estación/ Next station, can be freely chosen by the visitor. In this final section, the visitor can see works that are not grouped along the main route, and aside from being set apart as potential last stops, the idea was to provide works that, as we have mentioned, form part of an “open” history. The exhibition structure is also intended to allude to those works of children's literature in which readers have a chance to “Choose their Own Adventure” and thus take an active role in developing the narrative. Since the exhibition plan is organized along transversals rather than parallels, at certain points some of the works link up to two or more stops. This aspect emphasizes the network or rootlike structure of the exhibition, which is intended both physically and conceptually. The objective is not to draw a conclusive analysis of how the medium has evolved, but to suggest four possible readings of this evolution based on the preceding concepts, with an open final destination and no intention of extracting any categorical conclusions. Given the impossibility of including all the artists or works that are significant in this medium, or even the conceptual frameworks in which they evolved, we have proposed this exhibition as an adventure, and perhaps as a starting point.

07.10.10 - 22.01.11

National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen, Denmark. Group show. Curated by: Jens Erdman Rasmussen, Timothy Persons, Estelle af Malmborg. Artists: Ignassi Aballí, Eugenio Ampudia, Jsé Manuel Ballester, Jordi Bernadó, Isidro Blasco, Belda y Rosa, Cabello / Carceller, Daniel Canogar, Naia del Castillo, Jordi Colomer, Juan Fontcuberta, Carmela García, Germán Gómez, Pierre Gonnord, Dionisio González, Cristina Lucas, Anna Malagrida, Angel Marcos, Alicia Martín, Rosell Meseguer, Aitor Ortiz, Isabel Rocamora, Miria C. Saladrigues, Valentin Vallhonrat. The exhibition “Nuevas Historias. A New View of Spanish Photography and Video Art” started 4th October 2008 at Kulturhuset Stockholm and includes works by more than 25 Spanish artists with the aim to put the spotlight on an area of contemporary photography that is still largely unknown to many people but deserves all attention. The exhibition is the most extensive presentation of contemporary Spanish photography outside Spain. It remains until 25 January 2009.

16.12 - 30.12

Galeria Senda at Passatge Mercader, Barcelona Group show. Curated by: Carlos Durán.

28.10 - 28.11

Sørlandet Art Museum, Kristiansand, Norway Curated by Rolf Hoff. Artists: Marina Abramović, Julieta Aranda, Rina Banerjee, Katherine Bernhardt, Lina Bertucci, Elina Brotherus, Veronica Brovall, Nicola Constantino, Anne-Lise Coste, Angela de la Cruz, Angelica Dass, Abigail Deville, Nicole Eisenman, Ida Ekblad, Ceal Floyer, Margi Geerlinks, Tiril Hasselknippe, Marguerite Humeau, Roni Horn, Ulla Jokisalo, Šejla Kamerić, Katayoun Karami, Sigalit Landau, Adriana Lara, Haruko Maeda, Trine Lise Nedreaas, Hedda Grevle Ottesen, Marina Pinsky, Agnieszka Polska, Diana Fonseca Quinones, Heli Rekula, Isabel Rocamora, Cindy Sherman, Tamuna Sirbiladze, Charlotte Thiis-Evensen, Sophie Tottie, Jessica Warboys, Camilla Wærenskjold

18.10 - 15.12

Vilacasas Foundation, Can Framis, Barcelona, Spain Group show. Curated by: Daniel Giralt-Miracle. L'art de col.leccionar: Sisita Soldevila/ The Art of Collecting: Sisita Soldevila.  Can Framis hosts, between the 18 October and the 15 December a new edition of the cicle of exhibitions on The Art of Collecting.  The key objectives are to make public the uniqueness of this country's private collections, to discover their personality and emphasize the role they have in contemporary society. On this occasion Daniel Giralt-Miracle, project curator, has invited the Barcelona-based collector Sisita Soldevila, to show a part of her collection of works; a selection of four video creations by international artists: Bill Viola, Michael Snow, Isabel Rocamora and Eve Sussman. This exhibition will be complemented by The Art of Collecting, a tri-monthly publication which offers a dialogue between the collector and the curator.

15.06 - 19.06

University of New South Wales, Australia Group show. Curated by Erin Brannigan, Janine Dikmeijer and Pascale Moyse. Followed by tour. Gesture :: Performance | Film | Dance is a 5-day exhibition and one-day symposium drawing together practical and theoretical research being done around the notion of ‘gesture’ across creative practice and associated critical discourse.

07.05 - 23.05

Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain Group Show. Remote Viewing: the best of Loop.  Curated by Paul Young. REMOTE VIEWING aims to offer a sample of the most innovative work being done in the field of video art today together with a broad yet singular overview of the most representative areas of activity in video since 2000. The works have been selected from those presented by a variety of contemporary art galleries from around the world at the seven annual LOOP Barcelona video art fairs (2003-2009). The total of almost 50 pieces, including single-channel projections and videos shown on screens throughout the exhibition, explore different forms and formats — including methodologies derived from the world of film and other contemporary techniques — and themes such as the body, the idea of landscape, the social nature of art or humour as a medium for criticism.


01.12.09 - 03.01.10

CCCB, Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona, Spain Group show. In the context of Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona. Curated by Angie Bonino.

19.11.09 - 04.02.10

The Pacific Design Centre, Los Angeles, US Group show. Curated by Paul Young. “Remote Viewing: The Best of Loop” is an expansive exhibition featuring some of the most cutting edge video art coming out of Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. The show is co-sponsored by Loop Barcelona, Institut Ramon Llull, Spain, and InFocus® Corp. Curated by Paul Young, the author of “Art Cinema,” (Taschen, November 2009), the show explores the current state of video art practices worldwide, whether born out of contemporary studio practices or filmmaking methodologies. Nearly 40 single-channel projected works are included as well as nearly 30 monitor pieces. Most were selected from five-years worth of presentations at the annual Loop video festival in Spain, and each is represented by a different contemporary art gallery such as MK galerie (Rotterdam), DNA (Berlin), Vera Cortes (Portugal), Senda Gallery (Spain), Angels Gallery (Spain), Peter Kilchmann (Switzerland), Galerie Michel Rein (France), Chelouche Gallery (Israel), Galleria Continua (Italy), and Mizuma Art Gallery (Japan). Architect Matthew Gilio-Tenan designed seven black box spaces for two 4,000 sq ft spaces (one on the second floor and one of the fourth). Each presents approximately 8 videos/films in rotation throughout the day. The main room for example, uses a Cinemascope-sized screen to present a number of short films about cinema itself—its conventions, characters and formal properties. This program includes works by Nicolas Provost (the Netherlands), Maria Cañas (Spain), J Tobias Anderson (Sweden), Bill Morrison (US), Shoja Azari (Iran) and more. Another common theme explored in an adjacent gallery is that of body & landscape traditions (which includes works by Markus Schinwald [Austria], Marc Aschenbrenner [Germany], Yang Fudong [China] and Isabel Rocamora [Spain]). Beyond that is a gallery devoted to relational aesthetics, the temporal and play (with projects by Aggtelek [Spain], Kiran Subbaiah [India], John Wood & Paul Harrison [UK], and Euan Macdonald [US]). Political and social themes are tackled in another space (with videos by Regina Jose Galindo [Spain], Roth Stauffenberg (Germany), Jaime Pitarch [Spain]), while additional programs touch on formal and conceptual practices (Arturo Fuentes [Spain], Jin Kurashige [Japan] and Romeo Grunfelder [Germany]). Finally a number of artists explore humor and dada traditions with an appropriate amount of irreverence (David Shrigley and David Hubbard [UK], Susi Jirkuff [Austria], Guillaume Pinard [France]). The exhibition is designed to present a wide range of artistic practices currently being explored by international artists,” says Young. “Most of the work comes from larger studio practices, and much of it is highly polished and often wildly entertaining. Yet at the same time, it’s also very expressive of the times we’re living in, and much of it conveys a distinctly different point of view.” Some of that interest is in bringing video into the home or public space, where it can be enjoyed for years to come. Many of the monitor works, which have been added to compliment some of the thematic programs, as well as the projected wall works (by the likes of Jacco Olivier [Netherlands], Takehito Koganezawa [Japan] and Maider Fortune [France]) operate more like paintings, where a single image energizes an architectural space.

19.11.09 - 04.02.10


Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain Group show. Festival NU2s. Curated by: Núria Font.

05.09 - 12.09 

Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China Group show. Hybrid Generations, forms and languages of videoart in Spain. Curated by Menene Gras, Director of Culture and Exhibitions at Casa Asia, Barcelona.

16.04 - 19.04 


CIGE (China International Gallery Exposition), Beijing, China Group show. Hybrid Generations, forms and languages of videoart in Spain. Curated by Menene Gras, Director of Culture and Exhibitions at Casa Asia, Barcelona.

04.12 - 07.12

Pulse Miami Contemporary Art Fair, Miami , US Group show. 
Curated by Magda González-Mora.

31.10 - 03.11

Art Forum Berlin, Berlin, Germany Group show. Curated by Sabrina Van der Ley.
 Artists: Joana Domke / Frank Hesse / Corina Schnitt / Eva Koch / Carlos Garaicoa / Mariana Vassileva / Isabel Rocamora / Jean Charles Hue / Alexandra Navratil / Katarina Zdjelar / Marco Brambilla / Ibon Aranberri / Peter Welz / Sven Pählsson / Jaime Pitarch / Eugenio Ampudia

08.10 - 07.12

Sala Parpalló, Valencia, Spain Solo show. Curated by Angela Molina
 F. Private view: 7 October. Artist monograph 2009.

19.09 - 02.11

CCC Strozzina, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence
 Group show. Curated by Anita Beckers. Artists include: Harun Farocki / Jesper Just / Charlotte Ginsborg / Alfredo Jaar / Victor Alimpiev / Philippe Grammaticopoulos / Marina Abramovic / Sislej Xhafa / Kota Ezawa / Isabel Rocamora. Worlds on Video – International Video Art presents an international overview of what has recently been produced in the field of Video Art by some of its most significant practitioners. The exhibition juxtaposes the works of 33 artists with different backgrounds and origins, concentrating primarily on the broad variety of the modes of expression, techniques and artistic languages adopted. The artists’ interests range from analysis of the technological tool and its specific potential to the pictorial or photographic use of the screen. There are also numerous references to and points of contact with cinema. Private View: 18 Sept

07.05 - 30.05


Galería Senda, Barcelona, Spain
 Solo show. Curated by: Carlos Durán. Espai 2Nou2. Private view: 6 May.

12.12 - 16.12 

Cinedans, Amsterdam, Netherlands Dancing on the Edge Festival. Curated by Janine Dijkmeijer.



The Arnolfini, Bristol, UK Solo exhibition preview.

14.10 - 29.10 

Watershed Media Centre, off site at St. John's Crypt, Bristol, UK Solo show. Commissioned by David Drake.


Watershed Media Centre, off site at St. John's Crypt, Bristol, UK Solo show (performance/ exhibition). Commissioned by Theatre Bristol. Looped performance walk in times: 12.45 and 6.30 pm (50 mins)



Signals Media, Chelmsford, UK Solo show (performance/ exhibition). Commissioned by Andy Roshay.

21.09 - 22.09 

Colchester Arts Centre, off site at St. Mary's Cemetery, Colchester, UK Solo Show. Curated by Anthony Roberts. Six channel installation.

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