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Faith # 1, tryptich, 2016. Michael in Qum'ran, Father Issa in Wadi Qelt and Ramadan in Nebi Musa, Judean desert.

Digital c-type prints from medium format film.

Stills series exhibited alongside the moving image installation Faith.

In triptych form, Faith presents a close observation of the morning prayers of an Orthodox Jew (Michael Cohen, Breslav tradition), a Greek Orthodox Christian (Father Issa Taljieh, Church of Nativity) and a Sunni Muslim (Feras Kazaz, Koran reader at Al Aqsa Mosque). Removed from the contested zones that today make up Jerusalem, the subjects are relocated to sites of the Judean desert resonant with each of their traditions: the Qumran Canyon (site of the discovery of the Jewish Dead Sea scrolls), Wadi Qelt (setting of early Christian retreat caves) and Nebi Musa (pilgrimage route to Mecca).

Faith # 2, 2016. Father Issa prostrates in Wadi Qelt / Michael prepares for prayer in Qum'ran, Judean desert.

Digital c-type prints from medium format film.

Imaging Faith # 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 2016. Back room Church of Nativity, Bethlehem / Midday, Sheekh Lulu Mosque, Jerusalem Old City / ​Al Zikàk street, Old City of Bethlehem / Ben Yehuda Street, West Jerusalem / Wall separating Shu'fat refugee camp from North Jerusalem / Boy under midday sun, Shu'fat refugee camp. Digital c-type prints from medium format film.

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