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Exhibition View of Horizon of Exile dual-channel installation by Isabel Rocamora. Galeria Senda, 2008.

Standing between the two facing projections produces a sense of being caught between two mirrors, captured in a mise en abyme multiplying one’s perception to infinity… masterfully crafted

Marek Bartelik, Artforum International, NY

In this work the female condition is what configures the argument and stuctures the image. Unfolding against stereotype and using the screen diptych to elaborate a discourse of clear conceptual duality, the work is capable of transmitting deep emotions through the aesthetics of the desert, its characters and its light, while poetically addressing, through stories of female exile, both the possibility of public condemnation and the need for ethical commitment

Ricard Silvestre, Bonart Magazine, Spain

"The stillness quite literally takes your breath away"

Sunny Kim, ARTORONTO.CA, Canada

Across two enveloping projections, Horizon of exile considers the female condition in the journey of exile. Set in the vast landscapes of the Atacama desert, and grounded by testimonies of Middle Eastern and Latin American women, the diptych reflects on issues of self-image, belonging and effacement.

Exhibition View of Horizon of Exile dual-channel installation by Isabel Rocamora. Galeria Senda, 2008.

I like to work in liminal spaces, frontiers and cross-territories, where

what we see and hear is not immediately decodable, questioning

our everyday understanding of the world

Installation views of Horizon of Exile at the Koffler Gallery Toronto 2015 and Shaw Gallery, Weber State University, Utah 2017. Documentation by Toni Hafkenscheid and the Shaw Gallery. © 2017

An artist monograph titled  Isabel Rocamora: Horizon of Exile is published by Sala Parpalló, Eds. Angela Molina F. and Isabel Rocamora, 2009.

Top two images: exhibition views of Horizon of Exile at Galeria Senda. Documented by Mari Luz Vidal. © 2008. 

Written, directed and choreographed by: Isabel Rocamora • Featuring: Camila Valenzuela, Paulina Garrido • Cinematography: Nic Knowland, BSC • Sound design: Paul Cowgill • Costumes: Lorena Zilleruelo • Sound recordist: Andrés Serrano • Gaffer: Paolo Chuyín • Commissioned by: dance-tech • Funded by: Arts Council England • Producer: Isabel Rocamora • Production Manager: Paulo Parra • Hosting Production Company Chile: Parox Films. Year of production: 2007.

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