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“Examining how decaying objects accumulate deeper historical and spiritual significance, the exhibition Residual is a great example of content echoing context”
Cat Davison, Metro Press, Bristol, U.K


Residual looks at our feeling of place and time in its most stripped down state: simply ‘being’. Hovering on the borders of consciousness, at once an unearthing and a burial of meaning, Residual is devoid of human presence and event. Drawing on the archaeology of the city of Bristol (underground tunnels, urban construction, port activity) this diptych pays homage to the forgotten: the abandoned, the eroded, the no longer visible.





‘Residual’ is a moving image/ sonic installation which looks at the archaeology of Bristol’s presence, focusing on erosion, residue, visibility. The piece wishes to capture dynamics between the erased, the latent and that which is in a process of re-surfacing.

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