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"An original treatment of a social theme... an existential, emotive imaginary of exile... uniting the suggestion of place to that of experimental choreography"
Veronica D'Auria, Luxflux Arte Contemporanea, Italy, Nov 2007

“In the 21 minutes of Horizon it seems as though there is no choreography, nonetheless everything is in movement, that same oscillation found in the interior journeys of films by Angelopolous, Egoyan and Tarkovski... Rocamora surprises us with a work which is boundaryless, arriving at ‘another place’, its own place, the perfect site for the distinct world of feelings to be found in Horizon.”
Ferrán Mateo, Porladanza Magazine, Spain, Summer 2008

"Rocamora's installation is truly impressive for its beauty, sensibility and content:

its themes are exile, identity and loss."
Marga Perera, Tendencias del Mercado del Arte Magazine, Spain

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