Gesture :: Performance | Film | Dance


Tues 15 to Sat 19 June, 2010


Gesture :: Performance | Film | Dance is a dance screen exhibition featuring works by 4 Australian and one Spanish/UK artist. The works all explore the performance territory between dance and the everyday and dramatic body. Choreography in film can play with our knowledge of gestural performance, occupying the space between walking and dancing, action and elaboration, communication and expression. These works take the choreographic manipulation of gesture further by spreading out the performances across screens, dislocated spaces and manufactured locations.


The works are exhibited at various sites around UNSW Kensington campus and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.


Curated by Erin Brannigan (Australia), Janine Dijkmeijer (The Netherlands) and Pascale Moyse (UK)





Isabel Rocamora’s Promise of Fallen Time is a focused meditation on the themes of twilight, degeneration and the profound tension between companionship and the loneliness of death. The gestures these bodies articulate are exhausted and lost, loitering along strange trajectories and dancing around people and things. The objects and images bring aesthetic weight and depth to the themes (the unmade bed, the urn) and the partnering of body and architecture creates a poignancy around the notion of 'material remains'; the 'past grandeur' of the naked man and the framing of his body in the architectural context, the powerful contrast and almost arrogant vitality of the dog and child, the poetics of the fading city lights, the filmic attention to material - hair, fabric, decaying walls...