Choreographic fiction for art broadcast

A film by Jo Cammack and Isabel Rocamora

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It is night. Witnessed only by the sleeping confines of a long-abandoned building, two suspended bodies share an intimate encounter of risk and reliance. Often on the edge of safety, INSOMNIA considers the fragile territory between instinctive fear and absolute trust.



A film by: Jo Cammack, Isabel Rocamora
Original screenplay: Isabel Rocamora
Director of Photography: Nic Knowland
Performers: Dela Seward, Tanya Scully
Rigger: Bryan Donaldson
Costumes: Abby Grewcock
Sound: John Avery

Duration: 5' 46 (incl titles)
Year of production: 2005
Format: HDV
Commissioned by: Arts Council England, Channel 4
Producer: Caroline Freeman
Executive Producer: Anne Beresford
Production Company: MJW
Distribution: Infinito Productions