Three channel film for installation

"Complex and beautiful... Revelatory"
Giles Sutherland, The Times, UK (****)

“A uniquely profound and moving comment on timely aspects of the human condition... Mesmerizing”

Fran Schechter, Now Magazine, Toronto
Critic’s pick & Must-see Show (Troubled Histories, Ecstatic Solitudes)

Faith is one of those works of art that seem so obvious that you can’t believe someone hasn’t already 
done it, but Rocamora manages to own the concept...  a chorus of comparisons and differences 
that helps counterbalance the divisive imagery of the Middle East that is too commonplace and leads 
to further reflection on our sense of self in the world.”
Terence Dick, Akimbo, Toronto

"In pulse with late nineteenth-century modernity, Edweard Muybridge's motion photography deconstructed the body's movement through space. Through film media –the animated photography envisioned by Muybridge– Rocamora analyzes the psyche's movement toward cultural identity. The trail of "stuff" we gather in that process both binds us and sets us free."
Jill Glessing, Afterimage, NY

"A hypnotic, tranquil reflection on the importance of religion in today's society"
Rosie Lesso, The List, Edinburgh (****)

Conceived as an iconographic triptych, Faith intimately observes the act of worship of the three monotheistic religions in Jerusalem.

The film is set in the historically significant landscapes of the Judean desert, providing an Abrahamic reference from which all three traditions feed. In the wilderness of the Holy Land, far from the built and contested territories, an Orthodox Jew, a Greek Orthodox Christian and a Sunni Muslim pray in synchronicity of time and place. The continuity of extended takes facilitates a disassembling of the rituals, foregrounding an uncanny echo of inner state and gestural intention. Questioning segregation while celebrating difference, Faith invites reflection on one of the most world resonating conflicts that persist in this new century.

In order to capture the authenticity of local ritual, Rocamora has chosen three religious personalities who each, in turn, are representative of an originary Jewish, Christian and Muslim lineage, rooted in the old city of Jerusalem. The first belongs to the Cohen family (Breslav community), the second to the Greek Orthodox order (Church of Nativity) and the third to Sunni Islam at Al Aqsa Mosque (presented by its official Koran reader). The three morning prayers are respectively set in the Qumran Canyon (archaeological Jewish site), Wadi Qelt (setting of Christian retreat caves) and Nebi Musa (pilgrimage to Mecca).

Produced by the Isabel Rocamora Studio, co-produced by Galila's Art Collection, Brussels and the Koffler Gallery, Toronto (with the generous support of Chad and Lisa Wolfond). Partnered with Galeria SENDA. Funded by Creative Scotland.


INDUSTRY PREMIERE: 04.06.15 at Galeria SENDA – Loop-Barcelona. More info

EXHIBITION PREMIERE: 17.09.15 - 11.011.15 at The Koffler Gallery, Toronto. More info


Read Mark Cauchi's catalogue text on Faith here.

The single-channel version of this work has been titled Acts of Faith.

A film by: Isabel Rocamora
Cast: Michael Cohen (Jewish),
Father Issa Taljieh (Christian),
Feras Kazaz (Muslim)
Cinematography: Laurent Machuel, AFC
Sound recordist: Ashi Milo
Editing: Isabel Rocamora

Shoot producer Israel: Vered Saminshass
Shoot production managers Israel:
Eyal Tal, Itai
Assist. to producer/ director Israel:
Shira Kela
Assist. to producer/ director, Muslim fixer Palestine:
Ahmad Siam
Islamic advisor: Ramadan Taha

First AC/ Focus puller: Michael Zeitlin
Gaffer: Avi
Sound mixer: Brian Moseley
ADR recording: Rafi Chen
at Dubi Dub Studios, Tel Aviv

Key Grip: Liad Berger
Grade: Jet Omoshebi
at Encore Post Production, London
Production insurer: John O’ Sullivan
at Media Insurance, UK
Equipment rental: Utopia, Tel Aviv
Rehearsal space Bethlehem: Diyar

Production assistants Scotland: Robin Haig, Alexia Fernández
Co-exec Insurance and Legal Scotland: Wendy Griffin
Studio assistant trainee Scotland: Lilly Pugh

Co-produced by:
Galila's Collection, Koffler Gallery,
Produced by: Isabel Rocamora
for the Isabel Rocamora Studio
Partnership with: Galeria SENDA
Funded by: Creative Scotland

Filmed on Arri Alexa in the Judean desert, Israel and Palestinian Territories.